Forever Príncipe conservation alliance is part of the Conservation Tourism Programme on the island of Príncipe in the Gulf of Guinea developed by Africa’s Eden.

Revenues generated from tourism through Africa’s Eden resort ‘Roça Belo Monte Plantation Hotel’ pay for priority conservation actions on the island. Natural and cultural heritage are key enablers for tourism on the island, so helping tourists experience the island biodiversity first hand and hereby safeguarding Príncipe’s heritage is a win-win situation.

Since many years Roça Belo Monte has supported the research expeditions of the California Academy of Sciences on Príncipe and also marine research and sea turtle conservation action of the local Fundaçao Príncipe Trust. With a full-time conservation coordinator on board, Africa’s Eden and it’s Forever Príncipe conservation alliance has set out to work on a Conservation Tourism Programme consisting of its seven own pilot conservation projects through diverse partnerships.


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‘We are grateful for ongoing governmental support from the Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe and for the support of Roça Belo Monte (Forever Príncipe -Príncipe) for both logistics and lodging.’

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